PS (Polystyrene) Packaging

PS (Polystiren)

PS (polystiren) is a hard, brittle and clear material. That’s why it’s called crystal polishes. However, unlike its name, it is an amorphous polymer. In packaging applications, the types commonly named as GPPS (multi-purpose polystyrene or crystal polystyrene), HIPS (shock-resistant polystyrene or antishock policing) and EPS (expandable polystyrene or foam polystyrene) used.

Areas Used in Rigid Plastic Packaging

  • Meat containres
  • Egg containers
  • Various food containers
  • Disposable food containers
  • PS Sheet
  • Covers

GPPS (Crystal PS)
Whatever crystal PS is called, GPPS is a completely amorphous polymer. This material is produced with thermoform i.e. heat forming process, as well as disposable cups and containers; jar covers, lipstick packaging and decorative covers, such as some cosmetic products are also preferred for packaging,

HIPS (Antishock PS)
With the addition of materials that resist the impact, such as the butadien rubber, the fragility of the polystyrene can be reduced and the clear color becomes whitish. This new material is called HIPS (anti shock polystyrene). Hips thermoform (heat forming) process and ice cream and yogurt can be produced plastic containers known as tigers.

EPS (Expandable PS)
This material, also known as foam polytyrene, is a type of polystyrene developed by the addition of additives called inflators, to reduce fragility too much and to produce a more resistant structure against impacts. This material, which we frequently encounter as meat, chicken, fruit and egg packaging on the market shelves, is also used in the service of disposable hot drinks.

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