Privacy Policy

13 March 2020


SEPA like many website owners and institutions. (Hereinafter briefly referred to as the “Company”), it also places cookies on the website “” (“Website”).

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on the hard drive of internet users who visit the Website by the website server.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used to facilitate the use of the site for users who visit the Website and to improve the content of the Website in line with interests and needs by combining anonymous – aggregate statistical data.

Cookies positioned by the company;

They do not identify, record and store your personal data, such as your identity, telephone number, e-mail address.
They are not used to run programs on your computer.
They do not carry viruses and are not used to send viruses to your computer.
The information / personal data on your computer are not accessed through cookies.
Cookies are classified into two groups: “session cookies” and “permanent cookies”.

Session cookies are temporary cookies held until you leave the Website, and contain information used by the Website when remembered by the Internet users who visit the Website. For example, when you want to go back from the page on the screen, it remembers the previous page and takes you to that page.
Permanent cookies, on the other hand, are cookies stored on the device of internet users who visit the Website, even after leaving the Website. If such cookies are visited again on the Website, it allows the internet users who visit the Website to be remembered by the server, but does not store the personal information of the users.
Permanent cookies are not placed on the Website.

The table below indicates the cookie located on the Website. Please note that we, as a company, may change or update cookies. The table below will be updated with each change.







Ends when the browser session ends

Managing Cookie Settings

We recommend that you accept cookies in order to use the Website in the most efficient way possible. You can also view the Website without cookies. Internet browsers are set up to accept cookies at any time. You can always stop the use of cookies through your browser settings. Please use your browser’s help function to learn how to change the settings for managing your cookies. Please note that some functions of the Website may not work properly when you stop using cookies or change the cookie settings.

Link to Other Websites

The Website contains links to other websites. We have no influence over whether the administrators of these sites act in accordance with the data protection provisions. The company is not responsible for the content of the sites it links to (and the content of other sites to which they link) and is not authorized to interfere with the content of the sites it links to.

Since the website changes and develops depending on technological and legal developments, this Cookie Policy will be updated from time to time accordingly, and the current version of the Cookie Policy will be published on and access will always be available.