Plastic Packages are Sustainable

Rigid plastic packages are sustainable, because they are suitable for deposit systems and recycling


Marking of Rigid Plastic Packaging

Marking plastic packaging is becoming increasingly important in order to help recycling/recovery activities all over the world. These signs were first revealed by SPI — The Society of the Plastics Institute in 1988. Marking these symbols on packaging is mandatory in some states of the United States. The Type of material used according to the European Union (EU) Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive will be marked in a similar way if it is to be specified on the packaging. The European Standards Organisation (CEN) makes similar recommendations on marking packaging. The use of these symbols makes the separation process extremely easy during the recycling/ recovery of plastic packaging.

All Types of Rigid Plastic Packages are Easily Convertible.

At this point, concept confusion is due to definitions. Detailing recycling concepts will make it easier to analyze problems.


All rigid plastic packaging can be easily converted. The main problem is about the direction of recycling ; upcycling or downcycling.


All uncontaminated rigid plastic  packaging  materials, which occur due to the necessity of the production process during production,  can be easily, mechanically recycle to itself . That’s mean can be used in the production of the same material. In other words, all rigid plastic packaging raw materials are suitable for “Upcycling – Advanced Cycling” during the production process.



After being used as food packaging, all plastic packaging collected as waste can be used in the production of other plastic products except for the production of food packaging by mechanical recycle.  In other words,  “Downcycling – Recycling” is suitable.



The raw materials used for packaging other than food packaging can be mechanically recycle to itself and used in industrial packaging production. In other words,  “Upcycling – Advanced Cycling”  is suitable.



With innovations in recycling technology, PET food packaging can be converted forward  by   chemical recycling and used in the production of food packaging.   In other words,  chemically recycled  PET packaging waste is suitable for “Upcycling – Advanced Cycling”.



With chemical conversion technology, PP & PS packages will also be able to upcycle.