The Future of Plastic Recycle Industry

The Future of Plastic Recycle Industry,

Sustainability, zero waste, deposit system and recycling concepts are one of the most important concepts of our time. These intertwined concepts form part of a whole and within this framework, the recycling sector continues to grow rapidly. According to Plasfed’s report, 60% of plastic needs will be met by recycling in 2050, the market size will exceed $900 billion at current prices, and Turkey will have a $63 billion sector if it continues its current growth. The sector, which today employs 25,000 people directly, has the potential to employ 125,000 people in 2030.

As with all issues, it is obvious that the wind is changing direction in the world and in Turkey when it comes to recycling. P&G’s work on this is quite remarkable. It is worth keeping a close eye on the work carried out by “Purecycle Technology”. With the complete elimination of the odor problem related to polypropylene, an important step is taken in the recycling of shampoo and yogurt packaging.

You can find the article about “The Future of Plastic Recycle Industry” in Bloomberg on the subject at the this link.