The suggestions to factories with working shift system- COVID19

Suggestions to factories with working shift system, steps in the fight against Covid19;

The main parameters to consider, the analysis of situations that may be a problem, approach existing problems with permanent, creative solutions by the stakeholders of the system.

There are two main parameters in the fight against COVID19;
Taking care of hand, face and mouth area hygiene, paying attention to social distance,

As the Association of Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers, we recommend to our members to observe the functioning of shift change processes and to identify critical points within the framework of the two main parameters and develop measures that do not risk permanent, employee health.

Suggestions to factories with working shift systems are as follows;

Especially at the beginning and end of shifts to show sensitivity to hand cleaning and hygiene rules, reducing excessive interaction between two shifts during shift change,

  1. Preventing accumulation due to density at the main entrance of the worker,
  2. Using a card instead of fingering card printing devices,
  3. To ensure that the service is effectively cleaned between the two shifts to reduce the likelihood that the personnel who will go home will encounter the virus,
  4. To review rooms such as break, changing rooms within the framework of Covid19 measures, to take the necessary precautions,
  5. Door mallets for shift changes, regular cleaning of electric buttons, taking measures that ensure less use if possible, and switching to sensory lighting and tap equipment if possible,
  6. Cleaning up workspaces regularly (cleaning team door mallets, phones, tools, equipment controls, keyboards cleans and light switches twice a day).

To manage cargoes, delivery people and drivers more effectively,

  1. Separating the toilets used by the drivers of the vehicles and the staff working.
  2. To ensure that these people comply with hand, facial hygiene rules at the entrance to the facility, to establish a control mechanism,

To ensure the implementation of these measures in the shift working order, not to overdo social isolation in a way that disturbs employee peace, to pass the rules that must be followed to employees in a way that does not disrupt mental health and work patterns, to pay attention to maintaining this balance because excessive change of the internal work order can lead to otherization among employees, to take into account the risks that excessive chemical use for hygiene purposes can create for some employees in a long time, an allergy history in your person. ,