SEPA Traditional Sector Dinner Held Under the Title of Green Deal

Our traditional sector meeting dinner, which was organized under the title “Green Transformation and Its Effects on the Plastic Packaging Sector”, was held this week with the participation of our precious guests.

On the evening when the members of our association, representatives of the leading non-governmental organizations of our sector and members of the sector were invited, following the opening speech of our Chairman, Mr. Mustafa Kınacı, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Adil Pelister, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Istanbul Chemical Substances and Products Exporters Association (IKIB), continued with his speech.

Mr. Adil Pelister and Mr. Mustafa Kınacı also emphasized with precision; It was necessary to adapt rapidly to the green transformation by taking behind us the positive wind that the Hard Plastic Packaging Sector and all sectors, especially the Chemical Sector, which we are a stakeholder in, caught during the Covid19 process.

Horizon Consultancy managing partner Mr. Eser Erginoglu, who honored us with his speech at the end of the event;  The effects of green transformation on our sector, carbon footprint and climate scorecards, access to green finance subheadings made us feel that green transformation studies are not as complex a process as they seem.

As the Association of Hard Plastic Packaging Manufacturers, we firmly believe that it is the most important step of the process for our companies to accurately determine which step of the process they can benefit from, to advance goal-oriented and to have their carbon footprint measured in order to provide maximum benefit, and that working with accredited organizations that know the process, as in every project, will make every step, effort, more efficient, meaningful, fast and permanent.

The plastics sector and packaging sector, which make up the two wings of our sector, wish that all sectors, especially the chemical and food sectors that we are stakeholders in, will be among the winning sectors of the green transformation process, and despite a challenging process such as Covid19, we will join all our guests who make sense of this evening by attending our sectoral meeting dinner, all our sector members and stakeholders who cannot participate but support us with their hearts, and why green transformation is needed with its location and view. We would like to express our thanks to Moda Deniz Club and its employees.