SEPA Participated Eurasia Packaging Fair 2021

Packaging Fair, which reopened its doors to its visitors after a long break, was held with an intense participation afCovid19.

As the Association of Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers, we observed that the effect of Covid19 couldn’t decrease the intensity of the fair. The activities of both participants and visitors during the fair was more than previous years. Our Association members, the favorite companies of packaging sector from Turkey and foreign countries participation will not search for past years.

At the 2021 Eurasia Packaging Fair, our aim as the Association of Rigid Plastic Packaging Industrialists was to introduce the packaging and plastic sectors that we are stakeholders in, especially the plastic packaging sector, to the public and towards plastic and packaging users. The 2021 Eurasia Packaging Fair  was an important opportunity for us to bring our SEPA Guide, which includes basic information about packaging and rigid plastic packaging, to readers, packaging users and manufacturers of foods and chemicals. .

As we stated in our article titled “Overview of the Rigid Plastic Packaging Sector” in the SEPA Guide, our sector has provided positive benefits to sustainable development with the export figure corresponding to 45% of the plastics sector and packaging sector exports that have set new records in 2020 and the foreign trade surplus it creates. Data compiled from ITC Trade Map data and presented in the appendix show that our sector grew by 15.4% in 2019 – 2020 and by 37.6% in 2016-2020, despite Covid19.

The data confirmed by the industry reports in the publications of the Packaging Industrialists Association (ASD ) and the Turkish Plastic Industrialists Research, Development and Education Foundation (PAGEV) show that taking joint steps to solve problems, rather than postponing them, has produced more effective, constructive and developing results.

The figures are; Environmentally oriented designs and productions, environmentally oriented designs and productions, which are carried out using less raw materials, and environmentally oriented approaches created by recycling contribution (GEKAP) applications show that the development of our sector is positive, not negative as thought. These applications have shown much more positive effects of recycling rigid plastic packaging, creating more value and being suitable for reuse, and reflected it in the figures.

As the Association of Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers, our aim is to increase the number of members gathered under our Association and to produce the right strategies to grow our sector. At this point, we invite you to join the Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Association (SEPA) to support you much more effectively.

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