Plastic and Packaging Industry was helded on SEPA Traditional Dinner

Our 2022 SEPA traditional sectoral dinner was held with the theme of “Productivity” on the evening of May 11, 2022 with the participation of our valuable managers and members of the well-established Non-Governmental Organizations of our sector.

Our event, which started with the opening speech of our Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Hakan Özhuy, continued with our plaque ceremony where we conveyed our gratitude to our first Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Zeki Levi, one of our Presidents of the Board of Directors Mr. Osman Acun and our Board Member Mr. Ümit Küçük, who have contributed to our growth and development with their selfless work since the establishment of our Association. Following the ceremony, GTC Güneş Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ. Mr. Ayşe Çiğdem Besen, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Merve Madakbaşı,  Deputy Manager of ChemOrbis Content Department, and Mr. Bekir Öktenoğlu, Director of Strategy and Business Development of Bell Holding AŞ, informed us about the 3 main topics of our sector, energy, raw materials and circular economy.

Opportunities, development and innovations in the field of solar energy, details to be considered in technology selection, future predictions and projections of double-sided solar panels, efficiency with double-sided solar panel technology,

Past and current situation in the polymer raw material sector, the effect of energy and freight costs on prices, what is expected in the balance of supply and demand, developments and recommendations in the recycled polymer market,

Where is Europe in the collection and recycling of packaging wastes in the field of circular economy, the current situation and future of the packaging sector circularity, technological developments that will increase productivity, the current situation in Turkey and future predictions were the details.

Technological developments, investments both abroad and in Turkey were harbingers that the usual problems for our sector began to be overcome. Changing technology makes our companies feel that they need to take into account the opportunities and risks that will be brought by the developments in these areas in different projections. Due to the EU green deal harmonization process and carbon tax, the positive contribution of energy from natural resources, recycled raw material utilization rates and environment-oriented studies to the brand identity is the first concrete opportunity that comes to mind.

We believe that sustainability-based production, which focuses on the environment, brings with it “maximum efficiency with maximum benefit” and we emphasize again the importance of innovative approach for higher value-added production. We would like to thank again our speakers, sector representatives who equipped us with their knowledge by attending our dinner and our guests who could not attend due to their programs and increased our motivation with their moral support.

You  can find the event photos in the gallery.

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