Importance of Health Safety During Coronavirus

Importance of Health Safety During Coronavirus; Coronavirus has complicated our lives in one respect and in other respects it has made it easy to explain what we cannot explain. We realized why some professions are sacred, why so many developments that seem unnecessary and even dangerous are necessary. Many of our sectors, such as disposable packaging manufacturers, have started to respond to the needs of not only Turkey but also other world countries by adapting easily to the production of health and hygiene products. We understood the disadvantages of shaping trade only through costs with our difficulties in supplying products that could be called extremely insignificant. In certain and very easy areas, we noticed the risk of rapid growth with the coronavirus blow to sectors such as shopping malls and restaurants.

We think that this parameter will be the most important for our industries. Growing through industry will bring permanent job opportunities, more educated and disciplined workforce, permanent job potential and wealth. It is obvious that the European Union’s call to diversify its supply chain will give Turkey a significant advantage in this area. It is possible to shift the Chinese wind, which has been blowing for years, to Turkey by emphasizing “hygiene and the robustness of the supply chain”.

Determining our parameters well during the coronavirus process is important for our future plans. When we coordinate the process well and manage not to be injured in terms of health and increase production, it will be much easier for us to explain ourselves commercially to the European Union and the countries of the world. As Rigid Plastic Packaging Industrialists, we believe that if we act with this awareness at every step we take, we can manage to become one of the winning sectors after this difficult process.