Hydraulic System Training

Busy days in production are starting for our sector. The most unpopular news in the fast-starting season is “machine failures”. When attempting to reduce cycle time by 1-2 seconds and increase production, the failures resulting in much more production loss. The fact that The Rigis Plastic Packaging Sector is a machine-intensive sector and the complexity of the machines makes the quality of the hydraulic & pneumatic knowledge of technical employees even more important at such times.

As the Association of Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers, we have devoted the spring period 2020 to intensive hydraulic training in collaboration with Rextroth.

During this period, we offer a training opportunity to update, renew and even improve both theoretical and practical information of the care personnel and technical personnel working in our companies.

Please note that you can reach the documents attached to the training details and the participation is limited to 15 people due to the intensity of the calendar.


Hydraulic System Training with Rextroth & Rigic Plastic Packaging Association