Commercial Credit Facility and Applications in Trade Webinar – 3 November 2021

Dear Members,

We are face to face unpredictable changes during trading because of Covid 19. Commercial credit insurances; It’s the most effective way to guarantee unforesableness.

Based on this need, we will search the answers of following questions in the virtual meeting “Commercial Credit Facility and Applications in Trade”

  • What are the applications that have experienced domestic and export?
  • What is the risk of receivables and how is it managed?
  • How is the percentage of trade activity on credit?
  • How is intelligence about the customer done regularly?
  • How does it provide companies in their daily lives?
  • How does your company play a role?
  • Do credit facilities expand with credit limits?

With presentation of Mr. Barış Ayanoglu  who is managing partner of CRM Insurance Services, we will share the answer of these questions with our sector members.

The details of Webinar

3 November 2021

14:00 – 15:30

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    Barış Ayanoğlu Hakkında
    Barış Ayanoğlu Hakkında