We believe in the power of plastic!

Rigid Plastic Packaging Is Safe

  • Allows more products to be transported with fewer materials,
  • Lighter and stronger than alternatives,
  • It can be produced in different colors and unlimited ways,
  • It is cheaper because it is produced using less material,
  • Reduces shipping costs,
  • It provides less resource usage than alternatives, resulting in less waste formation and lower carbon emissions,
  • It makes packaging more efficient and reduces waste of resources.
  • Rigid plastic food packaging prevents the product from contaminated until it comes from the field to our plate,
  • With near-perfect permeability performance, it keeps food fresh for days, even weeks, extends shelf life, reduces waste rates,
  • Provides maximum hygiene in drug packaging,
  • With perfect resistance to chemicals, it provides resistance to industrial products and cleaning products,
  • Provides ease of use and functionality with different design alternatives,
  • Plastic case and pallets can be used repeatedly because they are lightweight and durable and washed,

Rigid Plastic Packaging Is Sustainable

  • The use of rigid plastic packaging reduces environmental destruction,
  • With the use of rigid plastic packaging instead of alternative products in fast consumer materials, environmental costs fall by a quarter wherever it is,
  • Since rigid plastic packaging is lighter than alternative materials, it saves 80% energy and its carbon emissions fall by 130%,
  • Since there is no water consumption during production, water footprint due to production is low,
  • Rigid plastic packaging can be easily converted. They can be recycled by mechanical transformation, can be advanced with technologies such as chemical transformation if necessary infrastructure and technologies are provided,

Rigid Plastic Packaging Suitable for “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

  • No packages, including rigid plastic packages, has been produced to be thrown into nature.
  • In today’s technology, the recycling rate in rigid plastic packages is rising rapidly. With these characteristics, they form a source of raw materials for the “Recycling Sector”.
  • Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers are constantly developing product designs to allow become more greener, recyclable and use less material,

Types of Rigid Plastic Packaging

  1. Bottles
    1. Drug Bottles
      1. HDPE
    2. Drinking Bottles
      1. Gas-Free Drink Bottles
        1. PET
      2. Non-Gas-Free Drinking Bottles
        1. PET
        2. PC Damacana
        3. HDPE Milk & Buttermilk Bottles
        4. HDPE Milk & Buttermilk Bottles
    3. Alcoholic Beverage Bottles
      1. PET Bottles
    4. Oil Bottles
      1. PET Bottles
      2. PVC Bottles
    5. Multi-Layer COEX Bottles
      1. Multi-Layer Bottles Used for Packaging Of Food Products
        1. HDPE Coex Bottles
        2. PP Coex Bottles
      2. Multi-Layer Bottles Used for Packaging Non-Food Products
        1. HDPE Coex Bottles
      3. Cosmetic Bottles
        1. PET, PE, PP
      4. Detergent Bottles
        1. PET, PVC, PP, PE
  2. Cans
    1. HDPE
  3. Jerrycans, Drums, IBCs
    1. HDPE
  4. Containers, Boxes, Buckets
    1. Cups and Containers from PS
    2. Cups, Caps and Buckets from PP
    3. Containers from PET
    4. Cups and Containers from EPS
    5. Containers and Boxes from PVC
    6. PVC, PS and PET Sheets
  5. Crates, Containers and Pallets
  6. Caps