Universal Robots Collaborative Robots

Universal Robots Collaborative Robots

Since 2005, Universal Robots has worked to make a difference in our customers’ lives in ways that matter most to them.

Universal Robots (UR), the world’s number one collaborative robot manufacturer, offers affordable cost, safe use, fast setup, unlimited integration, easy programming, fast return on investment and flexible production advantages with its advanced features and advanced technology.  We believe that collaborative robotic technology can be used to benefit all aspects of task-based businesses – no matter what their size. We believe that the latest collaborative robot technology should be available to all businesses. Nominal investment cost is quickly recovered, as the average payback period of our robot arms is extremely short.

Universal Robots produce a robotic arm which is characterized by being extremely flexible and easy to use in the day-to-day production. It differs from anything else in the market in the sense that it is lightweight, very easy to re-program for any non-robot expert and can be easily moved around in the production facilities. This enables the possibilities for small and medium sized companies to implement robots into the production, even though they do not posses the robot expertise inside the company. They can do everything themselves. And at low costs.

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You can reach “Cobot Otomation in Food, Drink and Plastic Industries” webinar from this link.

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