Turkish Communiqué No. 2018/23 on Product Safety and Inspection

In the scope of “Communiqué No. 2018/23 on Product Safety and Inspection” that was published in the Turkish Official Gazette No. 30373 and entered into force on 27 March 2018, a change has been made in the inspections which are performed during the import of plastic raw materials imported by our sector.

As SEPA (Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Association), we’ve put in around 3 years until we reached the conclusion that G.T.I.P (Customs Tariff Statistics Position) products stated from 39.01 to 39.14 in Annex 2 to the previous Communique No. 2018/5 have been excluded from the list annexes.

We would like to extend our thanks to all officials of ASD (Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association), FASD (Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association) and other NGOs that worked, like us, in all activities in the presence of Ministries and all other governmental agencies.

We hope that this practice will be beneficial for our sector,

With my best greetings and respects,

Osman Acun


SEPA-Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Association