The Power of Plastic in Environmentally Focused Sustainability

The Power of Plastic in Environmentally Focused Sustainability,

In a sense, the efforts to combat plastics initiated to protect the environment undermine the sustainable economy. While we can determine the environmental folklore well and instill environmental awareness in every unit of society, it can ensure continuous development without disrupting production, while choosing to reduce production in order to protect the environment is incompatible with the concept of sustainable economy.

One of the most advantageous sectors with low carbon footprint in terms of plastic recycling process is that the structure we need to construct can be collected in the healthiest way with the lowest cost after the use of this material and recycled with the lowest cost after collection. Thanks to this cycle, the plastics sector will continue to develop with all its stakeholders, while the recycling sector will be fed on the basis of raw materials and will save it from imported raw material pressure. Both original raw materials and waste raw materials will be able to prevent us from being dependent abroad. It is also pleasing to see that the wind has started to change a little in the articles in the foreign press.

As stated in the article “We can use Plastics to change the World for the better” on 27/12/2019 in the Word Economic Forum, “Plastic is a driving force to transform regional relationships and inspire collaborations based on the principles of circular economics. We just have to look through a different perspective!”