SEPA organised its first seminar

SEPA – Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Association has organised a seminar on “Creating Sustainable Competitive Power through Logistic & Supply Chain Management” for its members on November 15th 2006. This first activity of the association that was held in the Packaging Manufacturers Building was aimed at teaching participants modern concepts about supply chain and logistic management and defining the effects of these concepts on the corporate value chains. The meeting which was supported with the real life applications of these concepts was enhanced by practical examples and case studies. SEPA Board Director Mr. Zeki LEVİ said that they were very happy to talk about supply chain management and logistic in this first activity of the association and that there will be further meetings. Training document has been prepared and presented by Mr. Murat Güventürk who is a founder member of SELCO Counselling and who has been giving training in several institutions about logistics and supply chain management.