Reshaping Plastics

12 April 2022

Dear Members,

The report “Reshaping Plastics: Pathways to a Circular, Climate-Neutral System in Europe” by Plastics Europe is intended to help guide policymakers, industry managers, investors and civil society leaders as they try to understand the system and navigate a highly controversial and complex terrain towards a circular European plastics system.

Report; It provides an evidence-based roadmap for a paradigm shift in the European plastics system. Following the approach developed to turn the current structure on plastics into positive, it measures economic, environmental and social indicators for six possible scenarios to achieve plastic circularity while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. The report, which was prepared with the contribution of the Steering Committee consisting of 13 senior leaders from public policy, civil society and industry and 10 experts who ensured the scientific accuracy of the study,  can be found at the link SYSTEMIQ-ReShapingPlastics-April2022.pdf (

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