PAGEV, Turkish Plastic Industry Foundation

PAGEV, Turkish Plastic Industry Foundation is one of the leading nongovernmental organizations in Turkey. PAGEV is composed of over 600 trusteer and relevant 1750 companies that account for more than 88% of the plastics value chain in Turkey.

The Turkey plastics industry makes a significant contribution to the welfare in Turkey by enabling innovation, creating quality of life to citizens and facilitating resource efficiency and climate protection. More than 250 thousand people are working in about 14,000 companies (mainly small and medium sized companies in the plastic sector) to create a turnover in excess of 34 billion $ per year. The value chain represented by PAGEV includes polymer manufacturers, product manufacturers, equipment builders and casting companies.

PAGEV is the uniting force of the industry as well as the President of the TOBB Plastics, Rubber and Composites Industry Assembly, the umbrella organization of the industry founded by law. PAGEV is an active member of the European Plastics Converters (EuPC), European Association of Plastics Manufacturers (PlasticsEurope), Council of International Plastics Associations Directors (CIPAD), and Waste-Free Oceans Foundation (WFO). Furthermore, PAGEV Chairman Yavuz Eroğlu is the first and only Turkish national to be elected to EuPC Steering Committee.

PlastEurasia Istanbul,

The largest annual international plastics industry fair in Turkey and Eurasia, and the second largest event of its kind in the world, is held with the partnership of PAGEV and TÜYAP Fairs. This hallmark event brings the entire plastics industry together and showcases the latest developments and technologies in the industry. Please click here for more information: PlastPak Izmir, another event that occupies a significant place among regional trade shows, is organized by the partnership of TÜYAP, PAGEV, Packaging Manufacturers Association, and the Plastics Industry Association of the Aegean.

We have built vocational schools in Turkey in pursuit of our education mission, where we support an employment-based education model and help to meet the need for well-trained technical personnel in the industry. The PAGEV Küçükçekmece Vocational High School has a capacity of 1500 students while the PAGEV Gebze Vocational High School has 500. PAGEV AKADEMİ provides technical training delivered by subject matter experts to achieve process efficiency, reduce costs, and bring the right solutions to problems on a timely basis.

The Turkish Plastics Industry and International Plastic Packaging Technologies Congresses we hold every year bring together the experts, industrialists and investors in the industry to promote the Turkish plastics industry across the world. For details, please click on the link.

Our bimonthly PAGEV Plastics Journal (circulation 10,000) and the PlastEurasia Fair Newsletter (circulation 35,000) capture the latest trends and developments in the industry. Please click below to view the online editions.

The industry watch reports we issue on plastic raw materials, plastic processing machines, packaging, construction plastics, automotive plastics, and plastic medical supplies summarize plastics manufacturing, import and export volumes in Turkey and across the world for the industry. Please click on the link to view the reports.


Our subsidiary organization PAGÇEV has been supporting the recycling industry since January 2014 to fulfill its mission of “Responsible industry, problem-free environment.” PAGÇEV, the Recycling Economic Entity of PAGEV, is an Authorized Institution of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning for segregation of packaging wastes at source to improve recycling performance. PAGÇEV undertakes the recycling and documentation requirements of businesses that market packaged products in Turkey, and cooperates with municipal facilities to enable the segregation and recycling of packaging wastes at the source. The organization also conducts education and awareness campaigns on packaging wastes and recycling, encourages recycling activities, and prepares public service announcements. For details, click here.

PAGEV promotes the positive contributions of plastics by:

  • Highlighting the material’s beneficial properties and its positive contributions to society throughout its life cycle;
  • Providing society with educational information to help raise awareness and correct misconceptions;
  • Liaising with European and national institutions in policy matters to secure decisions based on accurate information;
  • Communicating plastics contribution to sustainable development, innovation and quality of life;
  • Initiating in depth studies and sharing experiences.

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