OMÜD, Turkish Corrugated Cardboard Industrial Association

OMUD was established on September 30, 1987 to represent the Turkish corrugated cardboard industrialists as the first professional organization in the packaging sector. The purpose of the establishment of OMUD; promoted he corrugated cardboard packaging, which makes up a third of the entire packaging sector, to increase its use, to promote that the corrugated cardboard is hygienic, sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging material, standards in production and use to create and develop technical knowledge and experience between countries. In 1989, two years after the establishment of the Association, he was accepted as a member of FEFCO (Confederation of European Corrugated Cardboard Industrialists). In 1996, the association went to name change and became called “Corrugated Cardboard Industrialists Association”. OMUD has 75 original and 50 sympathetic members.

The corrugated cardboard sector produces about 2.5 million tons per year, with a turnover of $1.5 billion, employing 10,000 people. The association represents 75% of the corrugated cardboard sector in Turkey on a production basis. The Association is a founding member of the Federation of Packaging Associations. OMUD members are also; He is also a member of the TOBB Packaging Assembly and Paper Councils.



Turkish Corrugated Cardboard Industrial Association 

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