Learning by Doing

28 April 2020

Learning By Doing , The most important factors challenging development in an ever-changing world are the quality of trained manpower and the up-to-dateness of education. The studies for “Industry – University Collaborations”, “Vocational High Schools” are always shaped within the framework of this need. It is necessary to ask the question “Is it enough to bring the stakeholders of education and the stakeholders of the industry together at different times, in different environments, in different environments?” and
analyze their answers in detail. In recent years, it has been carrying out highly successful practices in “learning by doing”. The “Production Training Workshop” established by General Electric is one of the examples of these works. In this workshop, students can learn the concepts of engineering and production in full while using their mathematics and science skills on the assembly line they use full-time. Please click here for news details published on IndustryWeek.