KASAD, Turkish Carton Packaging Manufacturers Association

Founded in 1991, Carton Packaging Manufacturers Association KASAD, mission, vision and objectives as adopted principles set out below:

Bulunarak cardboard packaging in contact with industrialists, difficulties encountered in the administrative and technical issues and identify deficiencies in the association to discuss and propose solutions,

If the resolution of problems and needs of the profession in the eyes of law initiative in private and public organizations as an association in defense,

Cardboard packaging industry located in the organization of professional knowledge and qualifications that will help them to improve their experience. in order to ensure that members discussed the search for solution to the problem, symposia, seminars, panels, conferences and scientific meetings; In the meetings, this issue has made a name in domestic and foreign experts, as a public servant to invite the speaker and the speech made at these meetings and discussions to be printed and distributed to members to bring about,

The cardboard packaging, the introduction of polluting the environment as a modern packaging, use and dissemination to encourage work and to offer the benefit of its members and related to the results,

Universities, research institutes and other professional bodies with relevant government agencies to monitor the work and research in this field, proposing to work together, have been attempting to create educational opportunities,

norms of cardboard packaging and do research on standards. There are initiatives for the Turkish Standards Institute,

Watching the developments related to the professional broadcast industry paper packaging production, consumption, demand projections and similar studies and publications,

Member of and to gather statistical information about private and public organizations, to provide the benefit of members and related organizations prepared reports.


Turkish Carton Packaging Manufacturers Association

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